The Price of Gold

Never before has the price of gold been so stable and so valuable. That’s not entirely true, but the value of gold explains why establishments that buy gold in San Francisco like Oxbridge House so popular. Places like Oxbridge are seeing much success in the last few years as people are cashing in their valuable gold for something even more valuable these days– cash.

Oxbridge House is a family run business, and has been for over 20 years. The atmosphere they maintain in their establishment creates a sense of trust and a family vide. They pride themselves in being very honest and open with their clients. They said that the reason they are successful is because they have so many repeat customers. And the reason they have so many repeat customers is because they are honest and don’t try to swindle them out of money.

If you are looking to sell gold in San Francisco, this has got to be the place to do it! They are fast, savvy, honest and they know what they’re doing. It’s also not the typical pawnshop atmosphere, you will feel safe and comfortable!

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