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The Easiest and Best Decision We Made For Our Home

We found Countertop Designs of Roseville from a Google search a few months ago when we were looking for someone to do our countertops. It wasn’t easy to find someone in our price range but Countertop Designs was in our price range and they had a showroom for kitchen and bathroom countertops, which meant we could look at their work in person, not just online. That made a huge difference for us because we are definitely the “mull it over” type rather than making impetuous decisions.

But surprisingly, when we went into Countertop Designs’ showroom we were immediately drawn to a particular design. This was incredible because 1) my husband and I rarely agree on style choices, and 2) because even when we’ve made a decision, we often change our minds shortly thereafter.

Thinking this would be the case, we went home to further consider the choice we had selected in the showroom earlier that day. But after that night, we were even more sure that the material we had chosen was the right choice in both our bathrooms and kitchen countertops. The brand we chose was Silestone, which is a countertop made of quartz. We originally wanted granite countertops, but after hearing about all of the benefits of quartz, we ended up being convinced that quartz was the one for us.

For one, quartz is extremely durable, for years and years, and it’s actually harder than diamonds. We knew that with a few small kids, durability would be the most important factor in deciding which countertops we would purchase. Another great benefit of buying the Silestone brand is that their products have a special materials in it that makes it antimicrobial—yet another factor important to consider with small children.

Even though quartz was more expensive, the benefits seemed worth it to us because of our needs. Both in the bathroom and the kitchen we liked the idea that we wouldn’t have to worry about germs as much. And because quartz it totally solid, we also wouldn’t have to get our countertops sealed twice a year to keep water and other matter from getting into the pores of the granite.

It’s funny that a simple Google search brought our countertop dreams to fruition, but I guess that’s the magic of the Internet. Countertop Designs did an amazing job on both our kitchen and bathroom countertops and we cannot stop signing their praises. So far, we have absolutely no regrets about our decision regarding our countertops—which for us is momentous!