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A Secure Loan When We Needed It

We came into financial hardship earlier this year when my mom got sick and came to live with us in Roseville, which is just outside Sacramento. She already didn’t have much money, but as her health continued to decline, so did her financial status. As we tried to help her financially, our funds began to deplete as well. She was going to need another surgery soon and we just couldn’t front the cash for it, so we turned to Same Day Title Loan to get some cash so we could pay for her surgery.

We heard about Same Day Title Loan of Sacramento and Roseville when our friends had a medical emergency they needed money for. They had a great experience and made us feel comfortable taking out a title loan. Basically, they told us that a title loan is a loan in which you use your car as collateral to get fast cash. We didn’t even have that nice of a car and we were able to get enough money to pay for the surgery. It really put our minds are rest to know that we would be able to get my mother the care she needed.

In addition to providing us the funds we needed at a low interest rate, they were also really helpful about getting all of the paperwork and more complicated parts of getting a loan making it surprisingly uncomplicated.  The representative at Same Day Title Loan helped me understand just everything that I was signing and didn’t leave anything out. I really felt like she was being honest about the terms of the loan and giving me all the information I would need to successfully repay it.

I think it says a lot about a company that gives loans when they are able to take a personalized approach that makes the person getting the loan feel comfortable and educated about it. And I feel that we got just the right amount in the loan so that I am not afraid that we are going to default on it.

I am so grateful that we found out about Same Day Title Loan because it was a fast and easy way to get cash when we needed it. And the loan is safe and secure—I truly trust Same Day Title Loan with my assets and find them to be really professional and great to work with. Most of all, I am glad to know that my mom is going to be taken care of when she needs it most. It’s a scary time when a parent becomes sick or suffers from declining health, but now I know that she will be okay as long as she stays with us.

During the holiday season, especially, I am happy to know that my mom is receiving the care she needs and that we get to spend time with her.