Pest Control Problems in Roseville

When we moved from our home in the woods to Roseville and we never thought we’d have more pest control issues in Roseville. But alas, pest control problems abound! Mostly, we had an ant problem, as it seems the house was built on a giant ant hill. No joke, the first week we moved in, we had ants everywhere in the house. It was so gross!

But we called Specialized Pest Control Roseville and they were able to take care of the problem immediately! They came the same day, cleaned up the mess, and made sure that it wouldn’t happen again. Now, we will have them come monthly to make sure our pest control problems remain at bay.

Of course I’m not thrilled that we had that problem right from the get go, but I am glad that we have found a pest control company we can trust. Specialized Pest Control is doing such a great job! Truly, we are so thankful to have a good pest control company we know does a great job!

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