Sac Workshop Property

I wanted to open up a little workshop in Sacramento and CBRE had just the perfect real estate spot. They were so great to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to do business with. I’ve always wanted to open up my own jewelry studio, and CBRE made it all possible.

They had so many options around the city, and a lot fell within my price range and were the size I was looking for. They gave me the rundown on everything and I was able to pick and choose which ones I wanted to take a further look into. I saw a few before I set my eyes on the perfect one. It was like love at first sight.

CBRE did everything for me and made it all so easy. I can’t wait to start moving everything in and getting the space setup. They are a great team of people and I couldn’t have imagined working with a better group!

Bay Time

I finally graduated and was moving to San Francisco! I checked out Yelp to find a moving company and saw Golden Bay Movers. They have over 170 reviews and 5 stars. I read through the reviews and couldn’t believe all the great things everyone had to say.

I called them and got my move scheduled for the day I needed to be out. They were extremely flexible with me and made it simple. I was so happy that they made this experience as easy for me as possible.

They took such great care of my stuff! And I couldn’t believe how quickly they worked. I’m going to tell all my friends about them, I know a few other people moving to the area as well. I’ll suggest them to everyone I know!

Vacation Home In Seattle

I just bought a second home in Seattle and was looking for a moving company to get everything into the new place. Puget Sound Movers made it all happen. They made the move in Seattle so simple for me.

They showed up right on time and got everything started. I was impressed with how friendly they were and how tactical they were in going about their plan. They knew exactly what to start with and figured out how it would all fit in the truck.

They got it all moved without a problem and I couldn’t be happier. They were a pleasure to work with and I’d use them again in a heart beat. They’re an all around great Seattle movers!


I called Alley Heating & Air in Sacramento to come take a look and guide us on what would be the best heating and air solution for our home. Our air conditioner was just a simple window unit and it simply wasn’t doing the job anymore. We were re-vamping a lot of stuff at the house and this needed to go first.

They were extremely knowledgable and let us know all the options that would work for our particular space. They quoted us for how much it would cost and they were very reasonable compared to what I had been expecting! We gave them the go ahead and scheduled a day for installation.

On the day they had visited our home to have a look they drew up plans of the home an exactly how the new system would be installed and work. So when they showed up on installation day, everything went flawlessly. They knew exactly what was where and what needed to do what. They worked so fast! We now have a great central air system and couldn’t be happier!


I’ve always wanted to live in the Mission District in San Francisco, and now I finally had my chance. I found an awesome place for my boyfriend and I to move in together that with both of our salaries we could easily afford. I sealed the deal on the place and it was time for making moving plans. I checked out Yelp first and saw Golden Bay Movers in San Francisco with 5 stars and over 160 reviews. I called them immediately.

They scheduled our moves with no problem. They were able to move my stuff from my apartment, and my boyfriends from his on the same day. It was so easy to coordinate with them and get it all figured out. They really have a great system down.

They were amazing to work with and made everything such a breeze. I couldn’t have gone with a better moving company. You’d think moving two people into one place would be difficult, not with Golden Bay Movers!