My Moving Mission In Mission

I’ve always wanted to live in the Mission District in San Francisco, and now I finally had my chance. I found an awesome place for my boyfriend and I to move in together that with both of our salaries we could easily afford. I sealed the deal on the place and it was time for making moving plans. I checked out Yelp first and saw Golden Bay Movers in San Francisco with 5 stars and over 160 reviews. I called them immediately.

They scheduled our moves with no problem. They were able to move my stuff from my apartment, and my boyfriends from his on the same day. It was so easy to coordinate with them and get it all figured out. They really have a great system down.

They were amazing to work with and made everything such a breeze. I couldn’t have gone with a better moving company. You’d think moving two people into one place would be difficult, not with Golden Bay Movers!

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