Delegating My Accounting

I had been doing all of my accounting work on my own for six months before I decided to hire e-Office Team. Although I am completely competent to handle the accounting for my business, I was also swamped with other things, so it became a huge stressor for me when I didn’t always have time to enter the data I needed to.

I thought that maybe, after time, I would have an easier time managing my time and all of the needs of my clients plus the housekeeping I also needed to complete. This was not the case because as my business became more successful, I simply had more items on my to-do list.  It was no longer a time management issue—it was more of a workflow issue.

So I hired e-Office Team to help manage my accounting. This completely revolutionized my workflow because I was actually able to spend the necessary time on my business rather than with all of the accounting that simply ate up time. With accounting, it’s not as important that I do it myself—it’s really only important that it gets done.

I realized that if I was going to run my business effectively, I would have to get better at delegating functions to others whom I trusted instead of having to worry about completing all of it myself. Hiring e-Office Team revolutionized my business practices because it allowed me to spend more time strategizing and doing things I should be doing to improve my business.

I no longer had to worry about the fact that I was responsible for doing everything, and once I learned to delegate, I was much better off both professionally and personally. E-Office Team was great and got everything done accurately and timely. It was incredible.

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