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Moving in Seattle, and Other Inconveniences

Even though Seattle isn’t that big, it’s still a pain to move locally. At least, that’s what I thought until I worked with Local Movers Seattle WA. The company called Puget Sound Moving was a great help to me when I was moving the contents of my second floor apartment to my fifth floor new apartment that didn’t have any elevators.

Even though I had Puget Sound Moving helping me, it was still a hot day! I couldn’t imagine doing it without them because I don’t know enough people who could safely lift a couch five floors without killing or injuring someone. I was so happy I chose to hire movers seattle!

Now that I’m all settled in, I can fairly attribute a smooth transition to my new apartment to Puget Sound Moving. Having someone to guide me through the process was absolutely worth every penny! Thanks to Puget Sound for making this move my best yet!


Testing, Testing 123.

When I took a new position as an office manager this year, I really felt like I was being tested. The first thing I was asked to do was find a vending machine company that had all of these special requirements. I thought it was a joke because it was so specific. But it was a good thing I found San Francisco Bay Area Vending because they were able to completely satisfy the needs of my new co-workers.

One thing that my co-workers wanted was to have healthy options for snacks. I thought that was an entirely impossible task, but San Francisco Bay Area Vending had some great healthy options from low calorie drinks to granola bars and reduced fat chips. I also loved that I would be able to have healthy options too!

Another condition my co-workers wanted was for there to be the option of company-subsidized snacks. That means that the prices are lower because our company would supplement the cost a little bit. I was a total fan of that too, and I am glad it ended up working out.


Replacement Windows, What a Bummer!

Windows aren’t one of those expenses that you don’t mind paying for because it’s not like you get anything in return… like shoes, for example. At least that’s what I thought until I needed replacement windows in San Jose and I called California Window Masters.

Even though I thought windows were the last thing I wanted to pay for, I really needed replacement windows because my San Jose home was older and the windows hadn’t been replaced for maybe 15 years. It was time for an update. And when the California Window Masters came to give me a quote, they told me something I didn’t know about: energy efficient windows.

As someone who takes pride in her efforts to preserve the earth, I was thrilled to learn that there was a way to both protect the environment and save money. I was almost disappointed in myself for not knowing about them already! But I had them installed and I think they are great! Not only do they add to the look of my home, but I like knowing they are also good for the environment. I guess I also like how much I save on my monthly energy bill too!

Heat Time

I found out about Alley Heating & Air Conditioning because they offer A/C repair in Sacramento, and gave them a call. They were able to send someone out right away to take a look at our system and assess what was wrong with it. They arrived promptly and were extremely personable. They went straight to work and began the hunt to find the cause of the problem.

Our A/C started acting up towards the end of last summer but I didn’t worry about getting it fixed because it was so close to winter. However, summer was creeping up again and I knew I needed to have someone come out and take a look at our A/C unit. I wanted someone I could trust, who wasn’t going to just charge us a bunch of money.

They found the issue quickly and were able to determined what needed to be done to fix the problem. They came up with a plan to fix it as quickly and cost effectively as possible. I trusted them completely and knew they were giving me the best possible price. I can’t thank them enough.

Bay Time

I finally graduated and was moving to San Francisco! I checked out Yelp to find a moving company and saw Golden Bay Movers. They have over 170 reviews and 5 stars. I read through the reviews and couldn’t believe all the great things everyone had to say.

I called them and got my move scheduled for the day I needed to be out. They were extremely flexible with me and made it simple. I was so happy that they made this experience as easy for me as possible.

They took such great care of my stuff! And I couldn’t believe how quickly they worked. I’m going to tell all my friends about them, I know a few other people moving to the area as well. I’ll suggest them to everyone I know!