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Preparation with CPR Classes

I started by own babysitting company called Nikki’s Nursery and knew that taking CPR classes Sacramento from Professional Training Institute would give me a leg-up on my competitors. And really, every person who works with children should be CPR certified! I think it should be a law, but for now, I want to get CPR certified for my employers’ peace of mind, rather than to meet a requirement.

After doing some research for CPR classes Sacramento, I found that Professional Training Institute would give me the most bang for my buck. If I was going to walk away feeling prepared to use CPR in case of emergency, I really wanted to find a program that would make me feel prepared, but would also not take too much time away from my already busy work schedule.

Professional Training Institute was really cool because the class was only a few hours long and I walked away with a certificate that very day. Plus, I wasn’t nearly as bored as I thought I would be in the classroom setting. The instructor teaching the CPR classes Sacramento was really entertaining and I actually enjoyed being back in a classroom setting.

Now that I am totally certified, I am getting more jobs than ever because parents like knowing that their child is in good hands with me.