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Cosmetic Dentistry you can respect!

Josh Bernstein D.D.S..

I thought it would be too expensive to get my teeth done, but it turns out that it’s completely reasonable and I found a great dentist to do it for me. The cosmetic dentist is called All New Smiles and is located in Piedmont, California.

Josh Bernstein, DDS is an amazing dentist and he even knows exactly what kind of veneers look like on everyone. It’s his mission to make sure that everyone gets exactly the look that they need and deserve. For example, I really didn’t like my teeth and he made so many improvements to them simply by giving me veneers.

Veneers are a fast and safe alternative for teeth than are crooked, broken or damaged and look perfectly natural. I love my new dentist and I am so excited that I will be able to have exactly what I need from the best cosmetic dentist in the Bay Area. Josh Bernstein, DDS is a complete professional and I respect him so much for the way he performed adjustments on my teeth!