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Auto Glass Update

Now, I didn’t plan to update the windshield of my new car. Things like that are never planned, really. Instead, what actually preceded my call to Windshield Replacement Sacramento was a giant rock that collided with my windshield, which was more or less not a great start to my day full of meetings.

But I looked up “windshield replacement” on Google, and it brought me to Yelp’s page. I quickly found Precision Auto Glass Sacramento¬†because it had five stars. I called them to see if they could fit me in anytime this week and they said they could fit me in the very same day! I was shocked. And on top of that, I knew I was going to be in Granite Bay for a few hours for a meeting, and they said they could come repair it while I was in my meeting!

Talk about service! I was so impressed that I asked for a handful of business cards so I could hand them out to the people in my meeting. They were prompt, professional, and heck, they came to me! It was great! I can’t believe that this was so lucky! Apart from my windshield cracking in the first place.