When we moved from our home in the woods to Roseville and we never thought we’d have more pest control issues in Roseville. But alas, pest control problems abound! Mostly, we had an ant problem, as it seems the house was built on a giant ant hill. No joke, the first week we moved in, we had ants everywhere in the house. It was so gross!

But we called Specialized Pest Control Roseville and they were able to take care of the problem immediately! They came the same day, cleaned up the mess, and made sure that it wouldn’t happen again. Now, we will have them come monthly to make sure our pest control problems remain at bay.

Of course I’m not thrilled that we had that problem right from the get go, but I am glad that we have found a pest control company we can trust. Specialized Pest Control is doing such a great job! Truly, we are so thankful to have a good pest control company we know does a great job!

Preparation with CPR Classes

I started by own babysitting company called Nikki’s Nursery and knew that taking CPR classes Sacramento from Professional Training Institute would give me a leg-up on my competitors. And really, every person who works with children should be CPR certified! I think it should be a law, but for now, I want to get CPR certified for my employers’ peace of mind, rather than to meet a requirement.

After doing some research for CPR classes Sacramento, I found that Professional Training Institute would give me the most bang for my buck. If I was going to walk away feeling prepared to use CPR in case of emergency, I really wanted to find a program that would make me feel prepared, but would also not take too much time away from my already busy work schedule.

Professional Training Institute was really cool because the class was only a few hours long and I walked away with a certificate that very day. Plus, I wasn’t nearly as bored as I thought I would be in the classroom setting. The instructor teaching the CPR classes Sacramento was really entertaining and I actually enjoyed being back in a classroom setting.

Now that I am totally certified, I am getting more jobs than ever because parents like knowing that their child is in good hands with me.

Cosmetic Dentistry you can respect!

Josh Bernstein D.D.S..

I thought it would be too expensive to get my teeth done, but it turns out that it’s completely reasonable and I found a great dentist to do it for me. The cosmetic dentist is called All New Smiles and is located in Piedmont, California.

Josh Bernstein, DDS is an amazing dentist and he even knows exactly what kind of veneers look like on everyone. It’s his mission to make sure that everyone gets exactly the look that they need and deserve. For example, I really didn’t like my teeth and he made so many improvements to them simply by giving me veneers.

Veneers are a fast and safe alternative for teeth than are crooked, broken or damaged and look perfectly natural. I love my new dentist and I am so excited that I will be able to have exactly what I need from the best cosmetic dentist in the Bay Area. Josh Bernstein, DDS is a complete professional and I respect him so much for the way he performed adjustments on my teeth!

Auto Glass Update

Now, I didn’t plan to update the windshield of my new car. Things like that are never planned, really. Instead, what actually preceded my call to Windshield Replacement Sacramento was a giant rock that collided with my windshield, which was more or less not a great start to my day full of meetings.

But I looked up “windshield replacement” on Google, and it brought me to Yelp’s page. I quickly found Precision Auto Glass Sacramento¬†because it had five stars. I called them to see if they could fit me in anytime this week and they said they could fit me in the very same day! I was shocked. And on top of that, I knew I was going to be in Granite Bay for a few hours for a meeting, and they said they could come repair it while I was in my meeting!

Talk about service! I was so impressed that I asked for a handful of business cards so I could hand them out to the people in my meeting. They were prompt, professional, and heck, they came to me! It was great! I can’t believe that this was so lucky! Apart from my windshield cracking in the first place.

Moving in Seattle, and Other Inconveniences

Even though Seattle isn’t that big, it’s still a pain to move locally. At least, that’s what I thought until I worked with Local Movers Seattle WA. The company called Puget Sound Moving was a great help to me when I was moving the contents of my second floor apartment to my fifth floor new apartment that didn’t have any elevators.

Even though I had Puget Sound Moving helping me, it was still a hot day! I couldn’t imagine doing it without them because I don’t know enough people who could safely lift a couch five floors without killing or injuring someone. I was so happy I chose to hire movers seattle!

Now that I’m all settled in, I can fairly attribute a smooth transition to my new apartment to Puget Sound Moving. Having someone to guide me through the process was absolutely worth every penny! Thanks to Puget Sound for making this move my best yet!